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Food Manager

This is for an online, live, proctored ServSafe Manager exam session via Zoom, confirmation email with Zoom link sent upon booking date.

This is an independent study option; there is no review during the exam session. The Examinee needs to come ready for the exam. Upon booking the exam session there will be an automatic download email sent out with The 7th edition Food Safety Coursebook for the examinee to use to review.

We recommend 2-3 weeks out if they need study time OR They can book for the next day , if examinee is ready for exam.

Food Handler

Our Live Foodhandler Session via zoom is $175 for the Certification session and $15 per state issued foodhandler certification booklet.

Each state issued foodhandler certification includes 7 chapter Food Handler Employee Training booklet, Chapter Quiz, Foodservice Employee Reporting Agreement, Safestaff Bubble Form to send to DBPR, Fullsize Food Handler Certificate, and Wallet Sized Food Handler Certificate.

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Why earn your food safety certification with us?

You will get the following assets:

Professional Support

Our experienced and dedicated staff are here to ensure that each exam is proctored in a secure and reliable manner.

Quality Education

Gain invaluable knowledge from the industry's most updated and top-rated experts.

100% Instant Result

Get instant feedback on your exam performance. Review your results and find out if you aced it or need to put in some extra work.

How does it work?

  • What if I don't pass the exam?
    There is a $99 re-test policy if you re-take the exam within 7 business days.
  • When do I get the results?
    You get instant pass or fail results and once the proctor closes the exam session you can immediately print the ServSafe Food Manager Certificate upon passing the exam.
  • What is a food manager certification?
    A food manager is responsible for keeping customers safe by overseeing the safe storage, preparation, and service of food in the workplace. They must pass a test demonstrating their knowledge of food safety practices, and then they are certified to manage food safety practices in the kitchen.
  • Is ServRite food safety manager exam ANSI accredited?
    Yes! ServRite are independant ServSafe Food Safety Instructors and Proctors Our exam is ANSI accredited, meaning that it meets the required national standards for Food Protection Manager Certification Programs.
  • How can I renew my certification?
    The renewal process differs by state. Check with your local health department.
  • What is a passing score?
    You need to get 70% to earn a certificate. There are 90 multiple choice questions and you are scored on 80 of those questions, 10 questions on the exam are used as pilot questions for future exams.
  • Who needs this certification?
    It is a legal requirement across the USA to have at least one staff member Food Manager trained and on duty at any time in your business. This training gives managers the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to oversee the safe storage, preparation, and service of food in the workplace.
  • How long is the food manager certification good for?
    The certificate is valid for up to five years from the date of the exam.

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